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Why I Value Meditation and the Tuja Wellness 30-Day Meditation Challenge (open to everyone!)

Join Me: 30-Day Meditation Challenge with Tuja Wellness

Want to learn more about meditation or figure out how to make it part of your daily routine? Check out this free 30-Day Meditation Challenge from Tuja Wellness from February 3rd to March 2nd. Just sign up and they’ll send you a meditation each day, led by some fabulous teachers from around the world. They’ll email you 5-minute meditations the first week, then 10-, 15-, and 20-minute sessions, so you can learn to build up your practice throughout the month. Also, sign up anytime throughout February – it’s not too late to start!

I know I post a lot of research on the Made to Glow social media channels about the benefits of meditation, so I thought I’d talk about why I value meditation and how it benefits my life. For me, meditation, and mind-body practices in general, are vital to my health. I’ve learned that stress is a huge factor in my flare-ups, so I prioritize relaxation, mindfulness, and other similar practices in order to help increase my resiliency and immunity. It also helps with mood! When feeling overwhelmed or anxious, pause and breathe. Repeat a mantra. Think about all of the positive things in your life. It’s pretty amazing how a simple change of thought and a long deep breath can start to put things in perspective. It may not solve your problem, but it will help you open your mind to dealing with it in another way.

Join Me: 30-Day Meditation Challenge with Tuja Wellness

And, although I know I talk about the importance of a regular mind-body routine, I’m not perfect! With all of these changes happening in my life, I got out of my normal routines. Whenever that happens, I always find it hard to get back to my usual practice. The week of my move to New Jersey, I was incapacitated for several days. Talk about terrible timing! I’m sure it was at least somewhat related to stress, so I’ve tried my best to prioritize my self-care practice over the past couple of months. When things get busy, though… I’ve noticed how easy it can be to let our priorities shift away from taking care of ourselves! Does that ever happen to you?

I’ve been feeling great, but don’t want to depend on a wake-up call to change my habits. Prevention is the name of the game, right? I’m delighted as I recently saw this meditation challenge and knew it would be a great resource. I’ve been trying to get back into my meditation practice and know this will push me to actually do it. If you’ve been wanting to try meditation or want to make it a part of your daily healthy habits, try this challenge!

Sometimes all we need is a helpful nudge.

I hope you’ll join me as we take a few minutes for ourselves each day. You don’t have to have any prior experience with meditation, in fact, it would be a wonderful resource to help you begin!

Now, I’m off to listen to Day 1’s meditation!

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  1. I’m definitely in need of this! I’m glad this challenge came along and that I saw your post on FB. Need a way to deal better with stress.

    I hope you’re doing ok. You have really made a big change in your life. Thank you so much for being a light in my day 😀

    • Marianne, thank you for your sweet note. As always, you bring such positivity to this community! I so appreciate your comment and your support. I’m so glad you came across this post and hope that the meditation challenge is helpful for you. Please keep me updated!

  2. This is perfect timing, A) because I’m holding a “weekend reboot” 2-day detox event this weekend and a guided meditation practice will help round it out, and B) because I totally hear ya about how easy it is to slip out of the practice of good, healthy habits – such as meditation – when life gets stressful. I’m actually at that point right now, so this is a great reminder. Thank you. :)
    Brianne recently posted…Weekend Reboot Detox Plan… Join the fun!My Profile

    • My pleasure! Glad to hear you know what I mean. That’s great that its good timing for you and I hope the meditations are helpful. Please let me know how it goes for you. BTW, the weekend reboot looks awesome!!

  3. I just went and signed up for the 30 day program, thanks so much for sharing the information! It was lovely to hear about the importance of meditation in your life, ‘sometimes all we need a helpful nudge’ certainly spoke to me at the moment :)
    Hope you’re feeling 100% again and settled after the move and can’t wait to share with you what I think of the meditation program!
    Ally @ Om Nom Ally recently posted…Eating for Hormonal Balance + Green Adrenal Tonic SmoothieMy Profile

    • Oh, good! Hope you like the program. I’ve found that the meditations have been very helpful, even if to just calm my mind and body for a few minutes — hope you feel the same. Keep me updated!


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