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A New Health Goal: Getting Back To Basics

Headaches, fatigue, bloating, acne, rashes, congestion, digestion issues, fogginess, allergies. Experiencing any of these lately? When I’m dealing with any sort of combo of these, or feeling kind of ‘off’, I know it’s time to refocus on my health.

I think it’s time for some spring cleaning. ‘Tis the season! In with the good, and out with the old – and anything else that is not serving your best self. My mission is to get back to basics!

Inspiration to slow down and re-focus on the basics. Re-prioritize and get your glow on!

When things start to feel out of control in life, do you ever feel like you’re on autopilot, and you can’t actually remember what you did because you were already focused on the next thing? You’re flying by the seat of your pants, and all of your old priorities get pushed to the bottom while you’re dealing with each issue that comes your way. Have you ever scarfed down a meal and realized right afterwards that you can’t remember what it tasted like? Or, maybe you don’t remember the last time you took a walk, worked out, or relaxed with a good book.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel my best and actually live my life. For me, my body needs restorative rest, nutrition, and movement to feel great. Everyone is different. Those are my priorities, but we all know sometimes life can get in the way. When that happens, my glow is dulled (read: I experience those issues at the top of this post). It’s like a wake-up call from our bodies. My priorities/or as I’ll call them, “basics” are a necessity and I’m ready to refocus on them.

What are your priorities? How do you get back to basics?

What's your new health goal? Mine is getting back to basics!

A few of the light, fresh meals that I cooked up on the Weekend Reboot 2-Day Detox.

I started with a detox this weekend – I did the 2-day real-food Weekend Reboot cleanse (did you see my updates on Instagram or Facebook?). I was intrigued by the awesome, easy recipes that focus on vegetables, greens, and healthy fats (with a little bit of fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds, and meat – although it’s all customizable to your dietary preferences/restrictions). When my friend Brianne sent me a copy, I read through and couldn’t wait to do it. Now, as I reflect on the past two days, I feel like the cleanse helped me to get back to basics, focus on mindful eating, and re-emphasize nourishment and healing. I feel lighter – no bloat! – and want to keep this feeling going. These two days gave the push and jumpstart that I needed to re-think and refocus on my nutrition.

My new stand-up desk at my office! Less sitting, more moving!

My new stand-up desk. No more sitting all day!

Next up, movement. A few months ago, I went from an active lifestyle to a desk job and my whole body and demeanor changed, and not in a good way – I found out that I have to move my body each day! I’m making a concious effort to up my movement throughout the day, in any way that I can. I’ve started a new exercise routine (need tips? Read this post), blocked my workouts and fitness classes on my calendar, and reminded myself that every little bit helps. A walk around the block with Kaya? Yes. My new stand-up desk at work? Yes. Anything that helps you get off your bum and get your body moving helps! It all adds up.

A new health goal - getting back to basics and re-prioritizing to get your glow on

Lastly, restorative rest. More vegging, less stressing. I was talking with a colleague today about how easy it is to let your to-do list take over and steal your sleep. At the time, you feel like it’s no big deal, or maybe you just want to get the item done, but when you wake up the next day you feel it. I’m on a mission to keep sleep at the top of my to-do list! How about you?

Do you feel a need to reset? What is your go-to back to basics step? I wanna hear it!

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  1. What a great plan, Alex! So glad you’re feeling back on track. Thank you for highlighting the Weekend Reboot! It’s so fun to see pics of my own recipes and I love how you printed out the e-book for easy reference. High five, girl!
    Brianne recently posted…Morning Tonic for Constipation and SluggishnessMy Profile

  2. Alex, keep us posted on how you like your standing desk. I’ve got plans to re-do my home office in 2014, and would love to hear more. And btw — you look GREAT :) xoxo
    Jo Cooper recently posted…A little intro to TwitterMy Profile

    • Thanks for your comment, Jo! I have been using my standing desk for several weeks now and love it! It took about a day to adjust to it and figure out the height, where to put my keyboard, etc but since then it’s become routine. When I get tired of standing, I switch it up – stand for awhile, sit for a few minutes, stand, sit, and so forth, as it keeps me moving, and so my body doesn’t get too stiff in one position. I’ve also seen people buy gel pads to stand on, but so far my feet haven’t bothered me. My officemates have ordered their stand up desks now too, how cool is that?! Hoping we can start a worksite wellness trend :)

      • One more thing! The desks vary in price and functionality. I believe my office manager ordered mine, the Stand Steady, from Amazon or Staples. It is more reasonable in price, but the height is not easily adjustable. I have a laptop, so when I want to sit I just move my laptop around while keeping the stand where it is – however, if you’re using a desktop, you might want to look into desks that more easily adjust up and down. I’ve been getting a ton of questions about getting a standing desk, so I’ll post about it again in the future!


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  3. […] Most people think of spring as the season of growth and renewal. I like to think of it as a time for refreshing or resetting my habits, and bringing it back to basics. […]

  4. […] Most people think of spring as the season of growth and renewal. I like to think of it as a time for refreshing or resetting my habits, and bringing it back to basics. […]

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